Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Call A Specialist Plumber To Fix A Gas Leak

Australia is one of the leading users of natural gas. It is used for several reasons. Cooking food, drying clothes, and heating water are some to name a few. Despite having several advantages of using natural gas in residential property, natural gas has its downside as well. As natural gas does not have colour or smell, it is hard to detect, and gas leaks ultimately pose a threat to health.

The carbon monoxide produced from improper natural combustion is one of the leading causes for sending more than 50,000 Australians to emergency health care units due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Hence, you must hire professionals while dealing with gas leaks.

Why Should You Call A Specialist Plumber To Fix A Gas Leak?

Several environmental and physical symptoms indicate you need to hire a specialist plumber for gas leaks. Below are some reasons you can call a specialist plumber to fix a gas leak.

1. A Hissing Sound

The most common way to detect any gas leak is a hissing sound. When a decent amount of gas is leaking, it makes a hissing sound. If you ever come across a sound like this, that means gas leakage is happening somewhere.

You do not have to seek the source of the sound. Get out of the house as fast as possible and call for a professional to help you with the gas leakage.

2. A Distinct Odour

There are times when you won’t be able to hear a hissing sound. When the gas leakage is low, it doesn’t make any sound. However, you will be able to smell a distinctive rotten egg smell. This smell is the sign that there is gas leakage.

Yes, natural gas has no odour. However, to cope with these scenarios, gas companies mix a harmless compound called Mercaptan to make the detection easier.

3. Dying Indoor Plant

Natural gas is harmful to living things. You might not be able to tell its side effects immediately, but long exposure to natural gas can cause several health issues. The same thing can be said for the plants.

When there is a gas leakage, indoor plants start to die without giving you a clear warning. This could be a gas leakage sign for you. This is one of the reasons why you should call a specialist plumber.

4. Strange Behaviour From Animals

Long exposure to natural gas can kill small animals. If the level of natural gas increases in the air, you will be able to see the strange behaviour of your pets. If your pet starts showing fatigue for no reason, lacks appetite, or begins vomiting, this might be the sign of gas leaks.

5. Bubbles Forming In Water

When there is an unnatural water puddle inside your house, this shows that the gas leakage activity is happening in the respective area. If your gas line runs through the area of water, gas leakage can form water bubbles as it runs through the water.

This might not be possible to handle without a plumber. Calling a plumber will help you dig a hole in the ground and then plumbing the leaked gas pipelines.

6. A Flame With No Apparent Source

Natural gases are flammable; this is why they are considered to be dangerous. If not taken care of immediately, gas leaks can result in fire or sometimes explosions. If a gas starts leaking from the surface, even a small spark can cause a fire.

This can create a dangerous situation for everybody present in the home. The best course of action will be removing the source of gas and calling for an experienced plumber to take care of the mess.

7. Unhealthy Body

If you are feeling under the weather without any reason. For instance, you are feeling lazy, dizzy, experiencing minor headaches, and nausea due to carbon dioxide poisoning. If these symptoms disappear when you are in the fresh air, that means your home has gas leak problems.

The only thing you can do is call an experienced plumber and ask them to run thorough checks for any kind of gas leaks.

Final Tips

You must run a regular check on the gas-related appliances to ensure everything is fine. Doing a regular check-up also ensures that if any parts are about to fall apart, you can change them before anything happens. Additionally, you must ensure that the area is properly ventilated where the gas is used.

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